Monday, September 17, 2012


I n f i n i t y

The term infinity is quite perplexing and enigmatic because nobody is competent enough to explain it satisfactorily. There are various theories, assumptions, postulates and so on and forth. In fact Georg Cantor’s has gone further,  and his theory implies the existence of  “Infinity of Infinities”. All science students have heard the term limit n tends to infinity and then blah blah blah… Even as small students we had marked on the graph paper, point’s origin and infinity. Wikipedia defines-Infinity (symbol: ∞) refers to something without any limit, and is a concept relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics. 

But for me, infinity is altogether a different  entity of a science beyond atoms. An element which is not constraint to a quantity or a number. An element beyond measurement. Infinity is a State, a condition where our mind stops functioning or something which is beyond the capacity of our mind or intellect. 

I beg to differ from the other scholarly people by saying we can reach infinity and moreover we all have experienced infinity in our lives. 

Let me recall some of the infinities everyone has encountered

Starting with, Count your parents favors, graces and obligations. Count the no of seconds they had to bear when you were small , the efforts they have given to raise you , the amount of money spent for  your education, your clothes , your needs  so that you have a bright future. Count the no of years, they woke up in the morning before you, just to pack you a hot lunch, the amount which they spent to fulfill even your smallest needs   and at the same time count the no of times you have troubled them, the no of times you have disappointed them, the no of times you have argued and cried for some small need they didn’t fulfill, the no of complains you had for your parents   – Infinite.

Recall your teachers. The artists who tried their level best to design the current unique sculptures. The efforts they had put in so that you are currently where you are. The amount of patience and time imparted and spent so that you got the best education possible. And now once their part is done the amount of gratitude they deserve, which we should have shown but as of yet not done – Infinite

Moving on towards the nature – The amount of Flowers, Fruits, Trees, Gardens, Greenery, Birds, Animals, Wildlife, Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Hills, Terrains Mountains - infinite.

Even in our daily lives the calendar and the watch are living testimony of the fact that the present scenario is infinity just as is the current population.   

The point I am trying to prove here is – Infinity is considered to be the maximum of anything but it is not tough to achieve it. Achieving infinity is possible. Just like the sun and the stars are theoretically supposed to be at an infinite distance yet we can see them every day with our eyes. Just like on a graph paper the origin and the infinity term are just a few cm away. Infinity is very closer then what most people anticipate. Moreover there have been infinite efforts by many people to bring you up. DO NOT let this go in vain. Everybody has the potential to turn in to something infinite just as a dormant seed has the capabilities of turning into big pine or an oak.

Time has already passed infinite seconds and is still ticking on. We are standing in an infinite queue which leads to the gates of death. The queue is finitely decreasing day by day. Hence before we take the boarding pass lets analyze- that the current scenario is idle, the time is ripe, the stars and the galaxies have already been aligned for us to achieve something great something infinite. Everyone, everything around you is at infinity save you. And hence before we move to the greater beyond it is necessary to reach INFINITY, because that is the sole purpose of life and existence.