Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Gyne in Green

They were the halcyon days, I reminisce in time;
When the head was steady and mind sublime.
Alas, the anamnesis turned hazy in the current grime,
For her arrival was the reason prime.

The nerves pulsed, heart raced on her sight,
On the coiffed hair with the golden barrette; eyes reflected bright.
The prim green top and tailored red bottom shone in the light,
Espying her bight, I instantly knew it was to be a long long night.

Who is this preen gyne, creating chaos, an Egyptian Bast?
The though engulfed; not the time first nor the last.
“You ain't a fool, for she is some stranger”, mind cried in lambaste,
“Stranger for now, yet THE stranger”, replied the heart aghast.

Countless clocks must have ticked by I do not know,
Language and Distance separated me from saying hello.
The mind chimed, “She is out of your league bro, for all you know,”
And I understood, without a show I will simply remain a John Doe.

Days turned hazy, nights uneasy as despair grew,
Broken Fragments by the havoc inside all lay strew.
The eyes unperturbed, searched for her in the blue,
And time then stopped; her eyes ensnared my sight is all I knew.

Her gaze was magical, absolutely surreal, was she a mage?
The world around instantly disappeared, leaving me estrange.
In her eyes, language and distance weren't a barrier for exchange,
And in those eyes, my mind had its fill; How so strange.

I saw a glint in her eye, shattering me along with her spell,
A deluge of emotions erupted, returning me to my present hell.
The magic lasted a mere second yet I couldn't return from the quell,
As the grandeur from her spectacled eye, still, continued to dwell.

The plethora of emotions, were they cryptic or did she comprehend?
Was she aware the causatum of her spell or was I at dead-end.
After a long time, I longed for, to talk with a friend,
Yearning desperately to share my despair with someone to apprehend.

I pondered, surely my odds with her couldn't be infinity,
In a real world there must be some limit to her divinity.
With a newly discovered courage I decided to reduce the proximity,
But alas, even words had me stranded in sight of her femininity.

Have I reached the cusp, I wondered as night turned grey,
I concluded, “Its best few fantasies never see the light of day”.
Seemed the mind had its way, as I decided to call it a day,
But hey! Such is life, story did not end, as she decided to play.

The game of time commenced, she pushed a pawn forward,
Yet seven weeks of experience, made my king to remain cornered.
Both of us tangoed in sync, making things more awkward,
And the clock ticked on, reducing order in the game disordered.

Tired of the mental commotion I yielded my armour and shield,
For I knew, “Winner was the real looser”, such was the battlefield.
…When time elapsed, she did have the weapon to wield,
She sought victory, only to realize I had long ago chosen to yield.

Her head turned, annoying the sun playing with her cheek,
Conjuring words of initiation, at the pace of a magic trick.
Yet, somehow the resonance in her words weren't there to pick,
And I found an unknown territory, unsure which route to seek.

The eerie silence of the heart reverberated around, a cry of agitation,
The sun still enjoyed playing, yet now the reflection lacked a reception.
“Dearth of resonance, What on earth do you mean”, Heart in introspection,
The mind advised, “She aint a bast! And if a magician, then with imperfection”.

Definite chatter could be heard, yet the air lacked a magical symphony,
We did exchange odd pleasantries, but in absence of harmony.
There was a strange nonchalance this time; void of agony,
Two eyes met, hers might have lingered, but mine sought some other destiny.

We soon parted ways, time prohibiting a farewell rite,
With a clear head I wondered, “If she was a bakushan, I a hypocrite”.
Maybe the saga needn't taken place, had I not been a fool of sight,
“Or maybe not”, the future me might enjoy this reading in delight.

As the pen comes to an end, do not judge I declare,
The journey of life is such, someday you will have a similar despair.
In the current anamnesis this story was a bout a gyne having a debonair,
And at a time when my machine was infected with a malware.