Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A home away from one

First Month at IIIT-B

Like every other freshman, I began my journey towards Bengaluru with anxiety. Having heard, “anything which is not South-India is North-India”, added to my woes. I could not decide what seemed the major worry - food or the language. Having resided in the “North India” for most part of my life; the (mis)conception of having to eat idli-dosa everyday seemed daunting and knowing only two words “kannada gotilla” simply added fuel to the fire of perplexity.

To ensure this does not become a C. Bhagat styled writing, I will skip forward past the melodrama of how I had a change of heart and mind on seeing the campus and blah blah. The first of the many memorable experiences I had begun with meeting the M.Tech seniors. The warmth in their conversation, and the sense of ensuring all juniors cozied in the campus was remarkable. In my mind, it definitely set a benchmark for an ideal senior. The experience with director sir and the professors struck my mind next. Never had I imagined, someone taking great lengths in conversing with students in person on WhatsApp. The respect for the college was there when I sat foot, but post interactions, it has reached a different orbit altogether. It feels like a privilege in becoming a junior again, and having so many people ensuring my well-being.

Late Night with Mafia Gang!

Onam Celeberation
Over coding and projects, lunch and snacks, new hostel with its problems, and late night work with puffy red eyes, I got to interact with the so called “Mafia Gang!” Good friends in my dictionary are THE integral part to survival in a foreign land, and I am very pleased to find so many students as crazy and insane as I am. The late nights spent playing and singing on the basketball court is a memory I will always cherish. As it is well said, “Friends are siblings, God never gave us”, I am very happy with the fact my next two years with these insane people will be anything but commonplace!

The most happening thing in the last weeks was the SAC election! It turned out like a typical Bollywood film- the trailer and the movie had a null set intersection. The initial phase of the movie made little harmony with the later; and the climax happened so unexpectedly, it definitely made a mark for itself as the most dramatic scene in the annals of IIIT-B. Having said that, the entire week was fun (Dubsmash videos: Hilarious!), election night was an experience in itself and the worthy candidates got elected which I am very happy about.

Ducks: Beauty of the campus! 
Transitioning from one home (read B.Tech) is never an easy job and neither is the transaction ever atomic. It takes one packet at a time to find the right destination address and make a move. Over the last few weeks, a few packets have reached the destination, many are in the intermediate routers, and a few are stuck at the source waiting. I do not claim to have a solution to TSP but, the melodies in the quaking of the ducks and these last few weeks have ensured, in the smallest time all the packets will somehow reach the correct destination address. The correct destination address being “IIIT-B: A home away from one.”

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