Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sparks from Failures.

 So strange, many times I have wanted just to avoid failures. Not actually striving for success, but focusing on NOT to succumb to failures. This mindset overtime has  driven life into a point of saturation. A unary attitude and response towards things. Like A sparkles life, lived by the zombies. But like most things in life, overtime the inevitable happens. The hope that if you believe in something, does always takes place- comes crashing down. The worst nightmares do come true. Everything you hope would never happen, actually materializes. Your most dreaded moment comes true. The very foundation of hopes and beliefs gets shaken up.

The dreamy world ends. There is no going back, trying a different approach. You suddenly feel more alive than ever, as if the divine powers have changed the count of the years. Blood starts to rush in, with the heart beating a distinct echo. All sorts of questions hover your consciousness, with no consoling answer. Thoughts emotions, nonstop pondering erupts a catastrophe inside your mind. A sense of disappointment sinks in. The fact that you failed your expectations, your standards is way worse than anything else.

 This moment for me is the one which reignites the fire, from the ashes of the mechanical life. To find a purpose to the mechanical activities. To revisit the basics. To rediscover the fundamentals. Learning to let go, and accept the reality. Us ing this spark to once again rediscover the answers. Remembering the past happy times, taking a leaf from them and to start the journey to relive those moments. To the destination where you could bounce back and look back saying –“Ha! That was needed to bounce. To reach newer heights”. All in all it helps find a purpose and a destination.

The last few weeks have been full of hidden lessons for me. Having taught me, things can and will go wrong. Nightmares can and would come true. Though you might be the best, but if it’s not your day there is nothing much you can do about it and you have to accept that. To learn to ACCEPT failure. To understand that sometimes the journey is what counts rather than the end destination. To understand that life is more complex than hopes and beliefs. But the main lesson-This is not the end. Just a beginning of the journey to bounce back.