Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nokiac3 to Galaxy Note 2

The wait that had lasted for years for having a proper phone seemed to come true some few months ago. Back when I was small I was always fascinated by the use of stylus in the PDA’s (back then) or the mini computers… To me it looked cool. Since then I was always hoping to use a phone which to me seemed cool.

Having used (& broken) Ngage Qd and having lost a Sony Ericson Walkman series phone, the wait to me seemed to be quite long. Then came Nokia c-3 which was a semi-smartphone “back in the days” and it only increased my frustration.

But during those waiting periods I learnt the authenticity of certain notions. Having seen the secrets and its laws of attractions , and having read the shiv kheras- you can win , and having attended sneh desai’s mind training workshop , earlier I was hopefully optimistic. But with time I realized it’s better to be realistically optimist than hopefully optimist.

I must admit Nokia phones always taught me some wonderful lessons-

“No matter from what height you throw a nokia phone , no matter how many pieces it gets disintegrated into…Whenever you reassemble back , you start functioning like ever”.


Moreover like most of the things in life the enjoyment is in the quest or in the fascination. The day I changed the sim into Note 2, I felt as if all the wait for worthless. It was just another device which I am sure over time (sooner rather than later)would feel like an outdated model.

And even though I have a cool phone(acc to me) I still miss my old Nokia-C3 and the reasons being never having to look at the battery , Trying to run as many apps as possible , Rotating the phone in the hands , Occasionally throwing it up in the air , Never having to worry about forgetting the charger….

Man those were some good days… K