Sunday, May 4, 2014

Let it be but a slime

Let it be but a slime

Looking back over the year,
Remembering when things were like a quince,
Alas, somewhere it all became dire,
And went downhill ever since.

I try to recollect about that little seed,
That on genesis evolved to a mighty big tree,
Unfortunately, I wonder of the deed,
That caused a vast Yangtze.

Was it a bad endeavor,
Or an absence of synergy,
Maybe it was a wrong venture,
That made it seem a tyranny.

Realizing now, I have more to the past,
Compared to the current vagaries,
The poignant reminiscences are evolving fast,
Leaving behind all, but a trail of dusty memories.

It seems grief perpetually trails every apex,
And an apex leaves no room for satisfaction,
Yet ye is an ibex,
Who does not seek the greedy transaction.

The final destination had its perks,
And it’s hard to cognize the current janus,
But my heart I guess always knew, regardless of the quirks,
The journey was all that mattered paralleled to the terminus.

I fail to recollect the last memory of that sweet seed,
The one which caused an euphoria,
I guess bitter fruits over time will make it bleed,
To a point where all that shall prevail, is scoria.

They say, this too shall pass,
The efforts cannot be reimbursed in the current lifetime,
But at the death, if it’s all a sass,
I wish to demand, at least let it be but a slime, let it be but a slime.

-Antriksh Shah

(p.s This marks my first attempt at so called "poetry"! Had always wanted to try writing a piece which would bring some solace. A piece that came in a flow, on the spot, from the heart, which is quite a big deal for a brazen heart.)


  1. Quite moving. Hope I got the gist right. Some of the words in it are new to me. :)

  2. hey saru Thanks for type feedback. You are a wonderful poet yourself!