Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Independent INDIA???!!!Hehehe.

68 years have passed since we got “Independence”(or is it 66 you decide). I quote this word because we believe we have been independent ever since Britishers left India in 1947.15th august every year everyone enjoys one amazing night of sleep knowing tomorrow would be a holiday. This one day everybody would stay at home (Doing nothing in particular Save for enjoying the wonderful weather and Eating).Mostly everyone would take a break from their daily schedules and would try to relax and chill out. I guess everyone would agree, 15th august is a happy day. For some due to the fact that we got independence, for some it’s because India has transformed tremendously and for the others (The majority like me) it’s due to a public holiday. 

As a child I never understood the meaning/importance of Independence Day. For me the word independent means-“Not Dependent”. And I am sure I am not independent in the literal sense. I never understood - What’s the point in remembering we were oppressed by the Britishers for so many years and hence celebrating?  What’s the point in doing all the ceremonies, parades and the other rituals? What was the point in waking up early on a public holiday (as a child) and going to school for some silly flag hoisting? Where the flag is seen just once every year and is kind of silly once hoisted(Always drooping down).What was the point in singing and listening to patriotic songs just a for a day and criticizing the country for the rest of the year? And mainly being a common man how does Independence Day differ from a normal Sunday (Except for the market and shops being closed).

By celebrating Independence Day and by performing the parades and stuff we try to prove India has developed. By hoisting flags we try to show that people still have the feeling of patriotism. By organizing the ceremonies and parade at Delhi we want to honor all those who have struggled and fought for independence. And by keeping it a holiday we want to show that on This day Indian history took a big change. This is expected and takes place in the Ideal word.

In the real world For Majority of the people, Independence Day is celebrated by sleeping. Flags don’t connect with the public and are honored only to show the younger generation its importance. The events held at Delhi are considered a true waste of money.Patroit is just a word that’s found only in dictionaries…

So what I wonder is, why all these drama behind this day. If it’s just to honor/value the past then agreed its importance is not something to be questioned by those (like me who are bad at history) who have not been a part of the struggle and are clueless about the past. But when we say- “India is an independent country showing tremendous development and progress over the years” or “we should be proud, to be an Indian citizen of Independent India” that’s where I have some of my doubts.

Starting with Are we really independent or is it that, it has been a mere replacement from Britishers to Corruption. If we are truly independent- Why is India not at peace with Pakistan? Why are there castes, and discrimination on the basis of caste? Why does untouchability still exist? Why is politics considered as “POLITICS”? Why are scams still surfacing? Why whenever I read a newspaper I find more bad news (suicides, murders, rapes, thefts, scams, ugly politics, bomb blasts, terrorists) compared to good news like (development and progress). Why is black money held in Swiss banks? Why is the overall sex ratio so less? Why is racial and gender discrimination still so prominent? Why is reservation system present everywhere? Why are there so many slums? And I can go on…A list of unanswered Questions. A LIST, every Indian is familiar with yet happily says Independent India or Happy Independence Day.

So naïve saying we gained independence in 1947, because Britishers left India. This can be easily compared 
to - “Considering, a small child who just learnt to utter a few syllables a great orator or a public speaker”. When we say Indian has shown great progress and development over the years I would like to say-Agreed. India has progressed. But isn’t that what eventually happens over time. Within few years a child learns to walk. A small seed originates into a sapling. That doesn’t mean anything. It’s just the beginning. The child has ages to go before his muscles develop and would support him to sprint.The sapling has ages to go before it would bear fruits. One should be happy for the growth and nothing more than that But until then we should not forget, in the present it’s just a small kid or a sapling in its infancy.

We all know our current education system in the country. Dont you think we are enslaved by this stupid system and its in fact an hindrance to our and the country’s development? Everybody knows everything about it and is pointless discussing that. It’s been criticized a lot.  Compare our education system with any developed country’s and I prove my point.

We all have seen the recent Anna hazare movements, the baba ramdev movements. Agreed it is a good initiative to eradicate corruption. But so far what has happened in concrete, on paper? So many people (like me) who followed it with great enthusiasm at the beginning now feel these are another injured, aged sparrows (with time not on their side) trying to soar the skies with the eagles (young and smart). I seriously doubt whether they would be able to treat their injured wings, let alone sore the skies before they depart.

Look at the current economy. Not just in India but around the globe. Many countries are facing an economic turmoil. Now the thing to look out for is what the steps are, followed by other countries and followed by our county. As far as I know I hear more about –“Rahul Gandhi/Narendra Modi  the next PM.”,”Manmohan singh a puppet”, “President wasting millions of rupees on voyages” , “Mayawati sending airplanes to pick up her footwear” , “Sensex reaching all time low”, “Rupee slides furthur ”, “unemployment increased in xyz sector”, “Government official caught in abc scam”. I for sure haven’t heard in India stuff like “Obama wants all companies in America to start insourcing”, “Long term tax-cut plans “or “Relief fund for all harshly affected in current crisis“.

I know it’s naïve to write on this subject but the thing is we never have been a strong economic force to understand our current situation. We never had been a country free from corruption. We never had the mentality or the mindset like other developed countries. And hence in times like these, independence is just a word with various meanings in the dictionary. A word that nobody relates to or cares about.

What more can I say in the end except for “WELL HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL OF YOU :( ! Enjoy the holiday ;) ”

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