Friday, August 10, 2012

The world ruled by POTATOES

Whenever life throws lemons at you try to make a lemonade-This is a general saying.

But what to do when life always throw potatoes at you?!This is a general dilemma faced by the students at their messes all around the “nadiad”. Nobody has taught us how to make potatoade. Huh! So you can agree when the students who say potatoes are an integral part of their life without which the existence and survival is not possible.

The most stupendous thing is that as a child, potatoes always reminded you of fries and wafers or chips and crackers…And the word potato always took you to a magical world of love and happiness(THEN)…But now thanks to either pranav mukharjee for the current prices of potatoes or the farmers for growing so many potatoes or Lalu Prasad yadav for improving railways through which potatoes are easily transported and his love for ”aalu” or let’s face the facts- the true love between the cook and potato that the most magical memory of fries and wafers or chips and crackers is now replaced with a pale...yellow…sickeningly disgusting food sometimes even surrounded by lush brown tomatoes(The “sabji” as “They” say).

Anyways since times has flown from eternity and beyond, the students are now so much used to the torture of potatoes, that during a recent annual food meet which is held every 5 years, the students when asked how they would feel if potatoes are removed from their daily die-t ,they were all shell shocked. Nobody was able to speak up as they had never experienced a world without potatoes. It was like a child experiencing 220V DC supply….Naturally the students were taken to the doctor and were immediately supplied medication – Duh! Yeah of course ,potato was the chief ingredient. Since then even though time has flown for another eternity and beyond the annual food meet which was once held every 5 years is now lost somewhere along with dead body of the inventor of potatoes :(

Moving on from the burial of annual food meet which “was” held every 5 years, there is some highly confidential information which we have managed to extract from some inside sources. They have claimed that during the recent board meet the general discussion revolved on the extreme planning, hard work and devotion shown by the students towards the legal means to pass the exams(according to the students) or the illegal means to pass the exams(According to them), everybody came up to the common conclusion that the students should be punished but the means of punishment were not finalized upon. One member suggested Detaining the student while the other suggested Never allowing the student to pass out. Some suggested increasing the no of sessional exams to 1 per day while some suggested abolishing the sessional exams-(The general idea being student would be so stunned like the 220V DC supply that he won’t be able to cope up. And potatoes being the remedy after that).But after some heavy thinking or eating if you will, everybody agreed on one suggestion-The student will have to sit for 15 extra minutes during the sessional exams in which he/she would have to eat at least 5 kgs of potato items. The reason for the punishment was it would help remove poverty and obesity, and would increase the prices of potatoes hence ending the world economic crisis…

I know you don’t get it…Neither do I!



  1. dude...
    i think that the write up here would have been much more effective if you would have imagined yourself alone at the table without shaunak , le derp nd me(synonym: da parth)
    atleast we help you imagine less potatoes by some of those disgusting recipies...!!!!

  2. Lol bro trust me when i say i didn't consider you in the picture when i wrote that article... Definitely not after that one horrible lunch....

  3. I know you don’t get it…Neither do I!