Friday, August 10, 2012

LIVING an irrevocable condition.

There are many things which drive students in collage life. Ranging from The IPhones and The galaxy’s, Computers and gaming, crushes and “Friends” which are girls!, movies and hangouts and so on and forth.

Initially life sounds good and one adapts or adjusts to the surroundings. One starts watching all new and dumb Bollywood/Hollywood movies, Start playing fifa day in day out, Gathers at night (12 - 3 AM) eats at canteen or enjoys a cutting!(of tea). Starts talking / gossiping / suggesting/ complaining all night long- how stupid and funny college, professor, life, destiny, blah blah blah (philosophy to politics to sports to gfs… everything) are. All these stuff and time goes by.

After first week Facebook status changes from “excited about new things” to “all set” and once this happens and your life gets routinized bad things slowly creep up.

It all begins with The same old story. You stay awake at night and can’t finish your below par sleep quota of 5 hours. The lectures don’t pitch up and bounce well and above your capacity. It feels like professor have started teaching in some foreign language probably mandarin or Chinese and feels like professors are wasting their time on absent minded students. Teaching/Studding becomes boring. Then Journals turn up and submissions start ringing and nagging like an alarm clock at 5 in the morning. You are suddenly clueless about what’s going on. You definitely don’t have a clue as in what date is. Then there is the mess that always makes a mockery of your judgment, fools you by continuously lowering the quality of food beyond your least expectations. One day you sit for lunch, find a white circular “hard as a rock” piece of ****(roti!) and you realize that your body refuses to swallow it down! Also there is this yellow, ugly potato in various (SEVERAL) incarnations that tries to ruin all happy memories of potatoes that you had in your childhood like chips,fries,wafers,crackers…. Suddenly Eating like studies isn’t any more about enjoyment it’s a mere formality to survive to exist.

If such times if there are no big changes/events then- THE IPhones and the galaxy’s suddenly seem just another piece of junk in the bag pack(books being the other).Computer games seem boring. Movies suddenly turn out to be waste of time and money. Late night outs don’t take place due to the workload and fatigue. Friends also reach the same saturation point as you are and the hangout places seem just like any other shitty places.

And so by the end of few weeks there are these four magical letters which are sole driving reason for existence. Nope that’s not love. Nor is it FIFA.


Your mind starts a mental countdown on how many more weeks left. The exact no of days before you will meet your parents, friends and family. It makes you fantasize about food where roti would never be white and rice would never be hard. Potato would be a “good word” used for fries and chips. Sleeping like eating won’t just be a formality and Average sleeping quota of 10 hrs. would be achieved.

You recall those happy times. Meeting “old” (like gold!) friends. At night walking/prancing/siting around the lake. Getting totally engrossed and loosing track of time. Chatting and talking about the past the current lifestyle teasing each other- and the entire time absent mindedly filling that void that was supposed to be part of your life.

And then I realized -

To exist, any place and environment is sufficient
But to LIVE only HOME can suffice 

Home is not just a place or a shelter, It’s a place where I would always be welcomed.Even at 3AM in the morning I know there is one place I can always knock on.One place where I can peacefully survive and exist.Where I know I will always get good food an any point of time.Where there would be many people who care about you, who enjoy your presence. Moreover Friends would always be there for you. Spending time with them would definitely dissolve many problems. No matter where I go and how I change Home would always be the same, waiting for me.

And living begins/ends with home.At last i recall a superb quote by J.Baldwin-

Perhaps home is not a place but simply
An Irrevocable Condition